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The main function of our company is to provide a high quality sub contract agreement for the installation, maintenance and inspections of playgrounds for the playground industry. We service all councils, playground manufacturers, pubs and clubs as well as schools.

We understand that the day to day running of your business is time consuming enough without the hassle of co-ordinating the installation of playground itself. Our aim is to take the pressure from installations from your business so you can get on with making more sales and having your staff employed where they can be more productive.


We can manage the installation of any size project throughout Australia.

Projects in the past have taken us to Mt Isa in Queensland, Adelaide, all over Victoria and NSW and remote places such as Bourke to name a few. Our team has over 17 years experience in the construction industry and over 8 years in the playground industry. With licenses in Elevated Work Platforms, training to the highest level in playground auditing, safety awareness and a solid building construction and management background we can guarantee a safe, and professional finish for any project.


We have managed several expo’s and product launches for companies in the past, co-ordinating several install teams on the one project when timing was everything. We can also manage your entire project from site preparation, including retaining walls and paths, through to the softfall, be it wet pour rubber or loose fill and edging.

Playground Inspections & Compliance Audits


We are able to provide a full compliance inspection to ensure your playground is compliant with the current Australian Standards and is safe to open to the public.

Comprehensive Inspections

We can also carry out annual comprehensive inspections to ensure that any safety issues that may have occurred throughout the year due to vandalism, wear and tear, incorrect replacement of damaged or worn items and general weathering, are detected and rectified before any injuries can occur.

Operational Inspections

Quarterly inspections can be done on your playgrounds to check the operation and stability of the equipment, especially for any wear around moving components such as bearings and joints.


Maintenance is also an on going issue for playground operators and can sometimes absorb a lot more time than was anticipated tying up valuable staff. We also offer a maintenance service to replace damaged parts, vandalism and upgrade playgrounds to comply with the current standards. We have a wide range of knowledge having worked with several of the major players in the past such as;