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The Importance of Playground Certification
If you are a playground owner, operator or manager, playground certification is a step you shouldn’t forego. Playground certification by a duly certified playground safety inspector ensures that your playground complies with Standard Australia’s Playground Safety Standards AS/NS 4422, AS/NZ 4486 and AS 4685. This means that children and those who are children at heart can play, knowing that they are safe and secure.
Playground certification can only be conducted by a certified playground safety inspector. There are companies that have certified playground safety inspectors in their employ. Through these companies, you are assured that your inspector is accredited by the University of Technology Sydney, which is the body responsible for playground inspector accreditation.  
Certification is not a one-time thing when it comes to playgrounds. There are four types of inspections, which playgrounds need to pass. The initial phase is the playground compliance audit, wherein the inspector checks if the playground meets Australian Standards. This is done before the place opens to the public.
It doesn’t stop here. There are regular inspections that need to be done, namely: a once a year Comprehensive Inspection, a once a quarter Operational Inspection, and a weekly Routine Inspection. Only through faithful compliance with these inspections can you thoroughly secure your playground users.
The sad fact is that playground certification is not a requirement in Australia. While standards and guidelines exist, compliance is up to the playground owner, operator or manager. In some cases, these standards and guidelines are ignored, risking the safety of those who use their playgrounds.
But then again, there are benefits to playground certification. Foremost here is that as manager or owner, you can rest assured that your playground users are safe while using your facilities. This saves you from any legal or financial responsibilities that may arise from accidents. Likewise, you can comfortably market your space. Playgrounds draw a particular crowd, a fact you can build on when you want to increase traffic to your facilities.
Besides, safety should be a foremost concern, whether you’re obliged to or not. Because why build a playground in the first place? These spaces are supposed to be havens for children and active play. Thus, playground certification is a must. If you leave room for hazards and risks, then it defeats this purpose. Your space may attract attention at first – but this is lost when neglect becomes apparent. Get certified now and may your playground truly a safe place for children!