Wear and tear are natural occurrences, especially for playgrounds. The structures and moving parts of your playground equipment are constantly tested and strained whenever children are using them. Likewise, exposure to the sun, heat, and other external elements compromises the structural integrity of playgrounds.

Maintenance is a crucial step in keeping your playgrounds safe and secure. Star Structures has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the installation, inspection, and maintenance of playgrounds all over the region, with regular contracts for councils. We know the stringent process we need to take to ensure the safety of children.

Our teams have the skills and ability to repair most playgrounds from the majority of suppliers on the market. The importance of ensuring any repairs that are completed do not create additional hazards and comply with Australian Standards is a key reason to use our professional services.

With the help of Star Structures, you can rest assured that children get to be safe while they enjoy themselves within your playgrounds. Parents and caretakers can relax, and let their children be children. And you, as playground manager, can trust that we would do the best job!

Star Structures guarantees hassle-free and trustworthy playground maintenance services with contacts throughout the industry for spare parts. Talk to us today about your playground services requirements. Our team can discuss the details of our maintenance service with you, at your convenience.