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Commercial Playground Inspections

As owner operators of playgrounds we understand that you have a duty of care to maintain your playgrounds as set out in AS4685, that is why we have developed our business to assist you with all your Consulting, Inspection and Reporting needs...

All our inspections are carried out by fully trained staff.

They are accredited level 1,2&3 Playground Safety Inspector’s and carry full playground test kits as required under AS4685.

Our reports are comprehensive and easy to read and will provide suggested corrective actions required to make safe any non-compliant issues.

Star Structures carries full Professional Indemnity insurance and Public/Property Liability Insurance. 

Prices for playground inspections vary on the type of inspection, the number of inspections and the size and type of playgrounds to be inspected. A package can be tailored to meet your specific needs POA.


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Types of Inspections

Commercial Playground Inspections
Playground compliance audit

These inspections are carried out after a new playground has been installed to ensure the installation meets all of the current Australian Standards and is safe to open to the general public. It is also good practice to have this done prior to making final payment to the playground supplier to ensure you have received what you paid for. This inspection is also done whenever there is an existing playground with no previous inspection records or there are serious safety concerns.

Comprehensive inspection

A comprehensive inspection should be conducted no less than once per year. This inspection is to establish the overall safety of the equipment. A full report will be provided to ascertain the soundness of the structure, foundations and surfaces. The inspection will also assess any changes in the safety of the equipment as a result of repairs being made and components being added or replaced.

Operational inspection

Commercial Playground EquipmentOperational inspection’s should be carried out every 1-3 months depending on the maintenance schedule determined by the owners as set out in AS4486.These inspections will check the operation and stability of the equipment, especially for any wear, mainly in moving parts such as swings and rockers. The checklists we have developed will ensure our inspectors assess all general safety factors and any issues that require attention will be reported to the operator for corrective action. All reports will be forwarded to the owner to keep in your Safety Management Register.

Routine inspection

The routine inspection should be conducted every 1-7 days depending on if the playground is subject to heavy use or vandalism.This inspection will be a visual inspection to check that there are no hazards present from general day to day use, weathering or vandalism. Should any hazards be detected the owner will be notified to allow maintenance to keep the playground safe and operational. All reports will be forwarded to the owner to keep in your Safety Management Register.

Star Structures can also provide check lists and basic training for owners/operators to conduct their own routine inspections. However we recommend clients seek to gain formal training and assessment by a registered training organisation if possible.


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