About Us

Star Structures is dedicated to providing you, parents, caretakers and children with playground spaces that are safe, secure and fun!

Playgrounds are crucial to a child’s physical, social and mental development. It is a place where they first learn to explore. It is where they meet friends. It is where they are able to test their minds and bodies to take on curiosities and challenges they have not encountered before.

The safety and security of playgrounds is essential, it is not just about complying with Australian safety regulations. To limit your liability from any injuries that may occur in the playground you own and operate, it is essential to engage a highly skilled and qualified construction company to deliver the product your users can enjoy safely. This allows children to be children, and take calculated risks without exposing them to dangers that can cause serious or permanent harm, and to put the owners at ease knowing that it was built by the best.

Star Structures has been operating since 2005 and are known as the region's leading playground experts. We provide playground inspection, assessment, installation and maintenance services. We are also able to provide you with certifications and accreditation. We are the team you can rely on for truly safe and secure playground in NSW.

Star Structures is led by Russell and Samantha Neumann. Both are TRIAX 2015 impact testing system licensed professionals. Likewise, they received training from UTS, as well as experts like Professor David Eager and Rolf Huber. Our staff are qualified tradesmen and all receive training on playground installation and standards to make sure playgrounds are built in a safe manor, to the highest quality, on time, compliant, and ready for the end users. Star Structures believe you are only as good as your staff and invest a lot of time on safe procedures and playground training so together, they can provide you with playground services you can trust.

Get in touch with Star Structures today to know more about our team, the TRIAX 2015 system, processes and procedures, certification and accreditation and more. We look forward to working with you!